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  • Go Build Georgia Team project reaches 82% of year-end goal

    The Governor’s Office of Workforce Development and the Go Build Georgia team have reached a milestone in the Go Build Georgia High School Teams project.  To date 138 high schools have committed to being a part of this project which is 85 percent of GOWD’s school year 2012-2013 goal of 168 high schools.   The commitments spread across 55 counties.

    Go Build Georgia High School Teams are individual high school groups comprised of high school leaders like counselors and educators joined up with business leaders spanning across five key high-growth sectors including the manufacturing, industrial construction, energy, telecommunications and transportation with the goal of promoting career paths in the skilled trades by hosting skilled trade career days, industry site visits and access to skilled trade workforce development materials. This project is a grassroots effort to educate Georgia’s students on the options they have after completing high school.

    “Our office is encouraged by the overwhelming response to the High School Teams project by educators and the business community,” said Tricia Pridemore, Executive Director. “It is exciting to see Georgia’s education and business leaders take a stand to strengthen our workforce and ensure our youth have viable career paths for generations to come.”

    For more information on Go Build Georgia High School teams contact the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development at 404-463-5030.