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  • Henry County “Taste of Tech” College and Career Showcase

    On Thursday, September 20th the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development joined Henry County Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education for their sixth annual “Taste of Tech” College and Career Showcase.  Even in these tight budget times, Henry County is committed to providing its students with as much information as possible to help them make post-secondary education choices that are real and relevant.  Go Build Georgia was honored to introduce students to the rewards of a career in skilled trades!

    The sixth annual “Taste of Tech” College and Career Showcase is actually divided into two events. The Go Build Georgia team participated in the first of the two on September 20th along with 5 high schools that rotated on the floor to insure the best possible interaction and presentation time.  The second will be for the remaining five 5 high schools and will be held on Thursday, October 25th at Henry County High School located at 401 E. Tomlinson Street, McDonough, GA  30253.  The goal is to raise awareness of the many college and career opportunities available to Georgia students.

    Students From Five Henry County High Schools Participated, with about 250 – 300 from each high school

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