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  • Georgia Faces Skilled Labor Shortage

    Georgia Realtor Magazine

    Georgia is experiencing a shortage of skilled trade workers. Professions such as welders, heavy equipment operators and dry wall installers are in high demand with short supply. With Georgia’s unemployment sitting higher than the national average, it must be a priority to teach people the necessary skills to fill these available positions.

    With the downfall of the economy and lack of skilled workers, many industries have decreased their number of projects. If the economy is revitalized, the skilled labor industries could find themselves facing an even bigger problem with labor shortage.

    “In this difficult market we have impressed new customers with our organization, our work ethic and our quality,” said Tammy Pace, CEO of Pace Drywall. “In normal circumstances that would be a business managers glowing reference; however we are bound by the restraints of human resources. We can only accept work within the confines of the team that we have left.”

    Almost 50 percent of the construction industry’s workforce are Baby Boomers (47-65). As these workers retire, companies will need new workers to fill the predicted 82,000 positions that will become available by 2016.

    A start to solving this problem is to educate students on their options for secondary education. Attending a traditional four year college is not the only path that will lead to career success. Other options such as technical schools and training programs can lead students into high-demand, high-wage jobs.

    If education and industry create a working partnership to communicate their needs, Georgia can confront its labor shortage problem.