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The future of our state depends on the next generation of skilled laborers. Our mission is to educate our youth to let them know that construction trades aren’t a burden or a last resort—they’re a well-paying, widely respected, honorable way to make a living.


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Go Build Georgia Teams

Middle and High School are crucial times for young people when it comes to planning for the future. That’s why it’s important to get involved with a Go Build Georgia Team and educate students on how they can earn a living without necessarily having to pursue a traditional four-year degree.

Corporate Sponsors

The Go Build Georgia Foundation, a partnership with the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Workforce division, was established to support Go Build Georgia programming through television, print, online, social media and event coverage. The Go Build Georgia program is not a successful solution if people are not aware of the skilled labor gap problem in the first place. As the initiative continues to create awareness of the issue and dispel misconceptions about the trade through funds provided by our corporate sponsors, the Go Build Georgia brand will change the workforce in our state, ultimately bettering the economy for our growing businesses. Through private funding, Go Build Georgia implements targeted marketing to connect with the program’s specific audiences statewide. View Corporate Sponsors.

Partnering Through Education

Classroom learning can provide a head-start for students interested in the trades, but the real knowledge comes from hands-on experience. Continued education is critical, and there are more options than a four-year college degree when your end goal requires specific training in an in-demand field, such as the skilled trades. As industry leaders partner with Go Build to support educational programs such as the Go Build Georgia Teams and experiential learning opportunities (e.g. apprenticeships, internships, co-ops), it equips those industry leaders with the tools and employees they need to be successful.

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